West Coast, Best Coast

Every morning, I wake up to a subtle sunrise over the mountains. I get up and stand at the window, naked, overlooking the city like a king looks over his kingdom. That’s every damn day. It’s somehow always sunny and never hot, a pipe dream back in Texas. More importantly, the goal is here. Look around. There’s agencies everywhere. There’s Teslas everywhere. Dads scooter with their kids to school in suits. Motivation can come from anywhere, but nothing lights a bigger fire under your ass than being surrounded by success.

Now, the work…

As I mentioned, being around success is contagious. Agency life is the goal, and being around it every day is great. I’ve gotten the opportunity to work on brands such as Zillow, 7-Eleven, Dr Pepper, Sparkle paper towels, ABC’s Stumptown, etc. Last summer, I was babysitting my little sister and watching The Office for the 3rd time. This has been great and we’re only slightly above the halfway point. This story’s still not complete, but it’s one I’m eager to see through to the end. Peace.